Hey, Barack… Were You Always This Ignorant?

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Hey Barack,

I just couldn’t sit on the sidelines any longer without putting in my two cents worth.  Events of recent days have compelled me to ask…. have you always been this ignorant and incompetent? I’ll tell you what put me over the edge; it was your interview on Monday with Anderson Cooper over at CNN when he asked you to compare your experience and readiness to lead this country to that of Sarah Palin.  Here was your response:

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Now, if Sarah Palin’s experience stopped at being Mayor of Wasilla, Alaska that might almost be relevant. I say “almost” because, in truth they don’t compare. Your campaign may have a bigger budget and more employees than Wasilla but there was no corruption to combat within your campaign, no difficult budget decisions that affected the lives of people who live where your campaign controls government.  No Barack, forgetting how many powerful yet behind the scenes people are running your campaign for you and that manage you as much if not more than you manage them, it isn’t the same.  Still, the discussion of Wasilla really misses a much larger point.  This may come as a surprise to you Barack, but Sarah isn’t the Mayor of Wasilla any more. She’s the Governor of Alaska and has been for the past year and a half.  Compared to her budget of around $9 Billion for FYE 2009, your paltry $36 million a month seems rather insignificant.  Compared to the state’s 15,000 employees, the 2,500 employees in your campaign really don’t stack up either.

So, Barack, are you so ignorant that you didn’t realize she was Governor of Alaska or are you so full of yourself that you actually think we are stupid enough to not notice this blatant attempt to mislead?

The truth is Barack, you aren’t as experienced as Sarah Palin and you aren’t as qualified to be President either.  If you think having her a heartbeat away from the Presidency is something for us to be concerned about, imagine how scary it must be having you a simple vote away?

Still, since you brought up the subject, let’s look at your managerial experience and how well you have represented change for the American people… compared to our hockey mom.  When it comes to managing your campaign, I can’t recall when I have seen someone demonstrate such a lack of ability to manage his people in government. Case in point, you recently stepped off an airplane only to try to explain away the accusations of your surrogates who, as spokespeople for your campaign, challenged Governor Palin’s qualifications.  Realizing that this would reflect badly on you and simply highlight the glaring weaknesses in your own resume, you had to cover by claiming  your people have hair triggers and obviously went off half cocked.  So, as manager you either are incapable of leading your people or you have very poor judgment in your choice of who speaks for you.  Really not very Presidential is it?

I can only imagine how that would translate to say, your Secretary of State or your Secretary of Defense if he or she went off half cocked in a direction absolutely contrary to what you, as President might approve. No Barack, it seems just looking at how you are currently managing your tiny staff of 2,500, you are failing poorly and keeping everyone on the same page of the playbook.

Let’s take this comparison further, since you probably still think you are the more qualified agent of change.  When you came to Illinois, you spoke of concern for the corruption that exists within Mayor Daley of Chicago’s administration but in time you came to embrace them and they you.  You didn’t expose corrupt aldermen and the totally corrupt political machine that has run Chicago for more than 75 years, you found a way to work with them.  That isn’t reaching across party lines and getting things done, that is appeasing and taking the path of least resistance and putting political ambition ahead of country.  In 7 years in the State legislature you had a chance to show you are a reformer and an agent for change and you failed Barack… you failed miserably.

Given you joined Trinity Church for political appropriateness then sat in the pews for 20 years while Reverend Wright’s church  spewed his racist and anti-American rhetoric and said nothing, stood up against nothing, just let it go until it was politically expedient to speak out against it.  No Barack, you are most certainly not an agent of change.  At your young age you are already a compromised appeaser and political animal.

Sarah Palin, on the other hand, started reforming as Mayor, carried it into the Governor’s office and hasn’t stopped since. She hasn’t spoken of change and reform, Barack, she has implemented it.

Barack, by being someone, like you, with limited experience compared to McCain or Biden, she has provided Americans with an opportunity to make realistic comparisons of readiness between you and she and what is so troubling to you and the other Democrats is patently obvious, you’ve now been weighted, you’ve been measured and you’ve come up lacking.

Despite the fact she has only been in politics a few years more than you, she has done it in leadership positions and, more importantly, she has done more than talk the talk; she’s walked the walk.  By comparison, you are making Hillary’s comment that you bring little more than a speech you made in 2002 to the table more relevant than ever.  When it comes to “empty suits”, you make a coat hanger seem positively robust!

One last thing Barack, remember your glowing speech in Denver where you reminded us all that you are your brother’s keeper?  I do:

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What I couldn’t help but wonder while you said such flowery words, is, if you really believe it, why aren’t you YOUR brother’s keeper?  Your own brother in Kenya, Barack.  He lives in a 6′x9′ hut on less than $1 a month.  Why have you done nothing to lessen his load?  Why have you not lifted him up?  He’s not your metaphorical brother Barack, he’s your REAL brother.   Is your hypocrisy so complete that, despite your millions, you are nothing but words when it comes to helping out family?  Just words?  Just words??  “I have  dream”… just words?  Sadly Barack, the more I get to know you, the more I realize you really are just words…. “I am my brother’s keeper”… just words Barack.. just words??  Yep.. just words…

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