Top 10 Reasons to Vote Against Barack Obama

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Whatever else may be said about Barack Obama, one thing is most certain. He not only isn’t ready to lead this country, he is totally unfit for the job.  Never in the history of this great country has a more unfit person ever come this close to the Presidency.

Blinded by his charm and his eloquence (with a properly functioning teleprompter), people have been mesmerized into ignoring the hard evidence right in front of their eyes.  Whether people agree or disagree with his policies, no one even claims to make the case that John McCain is either not ready or unfit to stand as President of the United States.  In truth, few people have proven themselves more completely than Senator McCain.

To help those with temporary Obama Blindness, I offer here, in as succinct a way as possible, the Top 10 Reasons for you to Not Vote for Barack Obama.

10.) Barack Obama is closely tied to an unrepentant terrorist who bombed the Pentagon and a racist un-American Pastor. Obama actually chaired a group that channeled millions of taxpayer dollars

Pentagon bomber - Obama associate

Pentagon bomber - Obama associate

to this terrorist’s personal educational projects which never accomplished anything.  Terrorist William Ayres resigned from the board of this group to avoid the appearance of impropriety as Obama continued channeling these millions of dollars that Ayres used to fund his personal projects.  Read about the unspoken connection to William Ayres Read more still

The Reverend Wright matter is an excellent example of several of Obama’s many faults.  Associates with radical racists and anti-Americans.  He says in one breath that Rev Wright is his spiritual adviser and like a family member and that he could no more disown him than an uncle then turns around, when it is politically expedient and throws him under the bus.

And, of course, he insults the intelligence of all Americans when he expects us to believe he sat in those pews for 20 years and had no idea that Rev Wright ever spoke or even thought those awful things that caused him to suddenly disown him.  Come on Barack, give us a little credit.

9.) Michelle Obama is un-American and is unfit to be First Lady – We don’t expect a lot from a First Lady but what American’s expect, they should get.  We want and deserve a woman that has class and grace, that carrys herself with dignity.  We also expect our First Lady to be supportive of her husband and fiercly patriotic, always working to improve this great country but never speaking ill of her.

“Let me tell you something. For the first time in my adult lifetime, I am really proud of my country, and not just because Barack has done well, but because I think people are hungry for change.”

This country she is finally proud of is the same one that opened the doors of the best Universities to her and provided her the money to get this kind of education.  Apparently that wasn’t enough to be proud of.  How did she repay it?  She went to work as legal council for the Chicago Medical Center where she helped develop a program to divert the poor and indigent away from the hospital’s treatment facilities to far lower levels of care such as free clinics in impoverished neighborhoods.  While she was earning $317,000 at this job, she earned her keep by significantly improving the profitability of the hospital at the expense of quality care for the people she and Barack claim to care about. Read More

And she goes to college campuses and calls the students who don’t follow her own view on campus life, ignorant.  View it Here.

“My experiences at Princeton have made me far more aware of my ‘blackness’ than ever before,”

There is no way America deserves to have a First Lady that is as anti-American as Michelle Obama. Combined with her husband, Barack, you have the Dream Team of American Loathing.

8.) Barack Obama is a corrupt politician – Barack Obama is anything but an idealistic politician striving to rise above the corruption and partisanship of politics.  Barack cut his political teeth in one of the most corrupt political towns in the nation, Chicago.  He was taken under the wing by some old style politicans.

Barack Obama promises a different style of politics but if we judge a man by his actions, and not so much by his words, we know that Obama isn’t a step forward to idealism and honor, he represents a giant step backward where you affiliate with anyone, promise anything then abandon your base of support as quickly as you locate one on the next rung up on your ladder of ambition.  America deserves better than that.

7.) Barack Obama is a liar -  It’s said that all politicians lie and while it may be true all exaggerate at times, some are certainly better liars than others.  Bill Clinton proved himself to be a consummate liar and Hillary did as well but in Barack, we see a politician taking lying to a whole new level.   His many lies have been exposed over and over again but, the main stream media has seen fit to ignore it, just as they ignore everything else about Obama from his past ties to terrorists and criminals to the lies about his accomplishments.  here is one list that chronicals only some of themHere is another. There are so many lies, we need so many lists.  Here’s another.

We need a President we can count on, one we can trust to say what he means and means what he says.   In these troubled times, we can’t risk America’s future on a person who lacks character, one who will do anything, say anything just to get elected.

In the most recent example, Barack Obama insulted the entire nation of Israel by lying about senior official’s position regarding him.  That isn’t just a terrible lack of character and judgment, it’s down right reckless dangerous.

It’s bad enough that Barack Obama lacks experience and judgement but it’s his lack of character that will put America in the greatest jeopardy.   Do you want to trust your country to a man who is not truthful to the core? I don’t.

6.) Barack Obama is two faced – We all know about Obama’s comments about the folks in Pennsylvania when he was in San Francisco.  After campaigning in Pennsylvania and wooing them to vote for him, he called them bitter and accused them of clinging to their Bibles and guns.   At the same time, we watch him deliver his “Just Words” speech claiming just how important words are.

Then there is the even more obvious cases where at one speaking event he claimed that Iran was not a risk, that it was a tiny country that didn’t pose a serious threat to the US.  Then in the next speaking engagement, he said that Iran was a dangerous threat.   Or his speech to a Jewish group where he stood for a united Jerusalem as a non-negotiable principal then turned right around to a more pro Palestinian group and assured them that is was something that needed to be worked out one way or the other.  Of course, it’s easy to say these things when you don’t stand for anything.

Well, we agree and think that anyone who is so insincere and so two-faced, that he would talk about us differently to our face than he would in other company, let’s us know that the words coming out of his mouth when he speaks anywhere really are “just words” since they don’t reflect his true feelings, his values, his commitments or really anything else.  They are just nice sounding phrases that are written by someone else that he reads off a teleprompter.   Heck, he isn’t even the puppet master… he’s just the puppet.

5.) Barack Obama is Un-American – To begin with, one needs to keep in mind that for the last 20 years Barack Obama has sat in the pews of the Trinity Church that is Pro Africa, Pro Black, Pro teaching African and African American children and Pro forcing economic parity through legislation rather than effort.  The one thing that all can agree on is that the Trinity United Church is NOT about is “my country, right or wrong”.

For Barack Obama to claim at once that Reverend Wright was like an uncle to him and a spiritual advisor and to claim at the same time that he has absolutely no idea that he was a radical anti-American who spoke racist and anti-American rhetoric from the pulpit is an insult to our intelliegnce. We’ve already shown that Barack is a liar and two faced so let’s call it what it is.  Anyone that has been to any church and built a solid relationship with the same pastor over 20 years knows exactly where that pastor stands on pretty much anything and everything.

Barack Obama is highly critical of America and he speaks these criticisms loudly where the rest of the world can hear.  Like his wife, he only speaks in support of America when it is doing things the way he thinks they should be done.  This may be the single most dangerous aspect of his persona.

And when he got to Berlin, he didn’t speak as an American, oh no… he made sure that the world knew he thought of himself as a citizen of the world.  Well, if he wants to be a citizen of the world, let him run for President of the World because I want my President to be first and foremost an American and an American citizen and proudly so.

One final example of Obama’s un-American attitude, what kind of patriotic American would criticize a war hero for disabilities he received as a result of combat injuries?  The answer is Barack Obama.  As a result of the damage to his shoulders, arms and hands during his tortuous 5 years in a Vietnamese prison camp, John McCain is unable to use a keyboard.  It’s simply too painful.  This fact is widely known and has been published in numerous stories over the years.   Here Barack Obama publishes an ad mocking McCain for this disability .  Please note this is, in fact, an add approved by Obama.   To assume that Obama didn’t know is foolish.  This is about as dispicable an action as I can imagine and certainly proves that Obama is without any character and most definitely un-American.  This kind of character simply doesn’t belong in the Senate, let alone in the White House.

4.) Barack Obama is a fool and has very poor judgment – Barack Obama has demonstrated a serious lack of judgment again and again.  The most recent is his choice of Joe Biden as his running mate. Seriously, I don’t want the person who is a heart beat away from the presidency to be a man who thinks that FDR was President in 1929 when the stock market crashed and that he went on TV to assure the nation.  I mean, really.  The first TV wouldn’t show up for another 7 years and they really weren’t the default form of communication until well into the mid 40′s.  Still, that isn’t the worst of it.

Barack Obama wanted to surrender in Iraq declaring with certainty that the surge would not work.  He was willing to let us lose the war without considering the cost.  This demonstrates a terrible lack of judgment and the kind of failing that could have tragic consequences for America, consequences we might never recover from.  Still, he continues to rail against the cost in dollars and American lives yet he totally ignores the very simple truth that, since the start of the Iraq war through the end of 2007, virtually the same number of Americans were murdered in Chicago alone as soldiers who gave their life fighting for freedom in Iraq.  Why doesn’t Barack Obama proclaim we should get out of Chicago.  This is especially ironic when you consider that the highest crime rate was on the same South Side that Barack himself was working to improve while these murders were taking place.  Why did he speak out so loudly about the war yet remain silent about murders taking place under his watch.

Ever since he said it, he has been trying to dodge it but Barack Obama did indeed say unequivocally that, as President, he would sit down with Ahmadinejad without preconditions.  It should be noted that all the examples he gives in this response were situations where pre-conditions were met prior to sitting down with the leaders or where the leaders meeting with the President himself, had attained a sufficient status in the global community that meeting with them didn’t give them added credibility.   It is widely agreed throughout the world that it would show extremely bad judgment for a US President to sit down, without pre-conditions with Ahmadinejad.

Without a teleprompter his true intelligence shows up. Watch this

Throughout this campaign there have been many situations where a politician was faced with a failed telepromter.  Sarah Palin had to deal with it in her acceptance speech as did Mayor Gulianni during the speech he delivered at the Republican convention.  Both politicians handled it without anyone noticing.  Obama, on the other hand, as evidenced by this graphic tape proves that without a teleprompter, he is lost.  We understand, when you don’t know what you stand for from day to day, it’s hard to speak from your principals.  This is not the kind of man we need to lead America.  In good times or in bad times, Barack Obama is wrong for America.

3.) Barack Obama is unfit to be Commander-in-Chief - This is probably the most serious of all the failings of Barack Obama.  Obama has already shown himself to be an appeaser along the lines of Neville Chamberlain who gave nearly half of Europe to Hitler in order to gain a signature on a worthless document so he could declare peace had come “in our time.”   But, his desire to negotiate away our national security, Obama also must be part French because he wanted to surrender in Iraq.  In March 2007, Obama was absolutely certain that the surge proposed by McCain and Patraeus would not work and that a military victory was impossible.  He could not have been more wrong but, had he been our Commander in Chief at the time he would have surrendered Iraq to the insurgents and significantly diminished America’s standing in the global community.  Definitely not the stuff of a Commander in Chief.  Poor judgment and a willingness to let America’s military suffer defeat is not the kind of man I want in charge of our military.  We American’s deserve better.

To make matters worse, he goes out on his stump speeches and accuses the American military of bombing villages and killing innocent citizens.  Now, even if this were true, which it isn’t, anyone worthy of being Commander in Chief of the American military knows better than to belittle his troops in public and in front of the entire world.

Then, as a final and most graphic example of just how unfit Barack Obama is to command our military, when he did his highly publicized world tour he had planned a visit to some wounded soldiers in Germany when they were informed by the military that he couldn’t bring along his campaign advisors.  Naturally, Obama has an excuse for this like he does for every mistake in judgment he makes but one thing is certain.  Whatever the reason, since it wasn’t a matter of security,  visiting wounded soldiers took a back seat to pollitical concerns.  That is not the kind of priority I want my Commander in Chief to embrace.

Barack Obama lacks the judgment and the character to command our troops.  He lacks the wisdom that only comes with age.  He is the product of an elite education and a corrupt political machine and he is totally out of touch with the true nature of war and therfore, of peace.  To place him in the position of leader of America’s military puts every single American at grave risk.  Frankly, we can’t afford his lack of leadership at this most dangerous time.

2.) Barack Obama did more to create this financial crisis than most.  He even sued to create more sub-prime loans -  Now we’re getting into the meat of the matter.  Regardless of what he says, Barack Obama wasn’t concerned about the mortgage crisis until it was politically expedient for him to do so.  The truth is he and his cronies have been the key players in starting the ball rolling that would enevitably bring global markets to their knees.

in 1994, working closely with ACORN (see also current investigation for ongoing voter fraud) as a community Organizer in Chicago, Obama filed a class action suit against Citibank to force them to expand their lending practices that would result in their making even more home loans to people who couldn’t afford them.  This was one of the many ways ACORN put pressure on banks and lending institutions to force them to expand the practice of sub prime lending.   It was this expanded practice that took hold throughout the markets, since it’s impossible to say that these banks could only lend money to poor people who couldn’t afford them.  As a result, loan brokers soon were encouraging people from the middle income and upper middle to borrow more than they could afford too.  Without the need for any qualifications, the bundled loans which were bundled, securitized and spread throught the world were loaded up with sub prime loans made to people from all walks of life who only shared one common thread; they couldn’t afford them and under any rational lending practices would never have been granted them.  See:

Buycks Roberson v. Citibank Fed. Sav. Bank Fair Housing/Lending/Insurance
Docket / Court 94 C 4094 ( N.D. Ill. ) FHIL-11
State/Territory Illinois

Who were the profiteers who lined their pockets as a result of this classic example of greed gone wild?  Franklin Raines,  Former Budget Director in the Clinton Administration, former CEO of Fannae Mae and currently one of Barack Obama’s chief economic advisors.  As CEO of Fannae Mae, Raines oversaw the purchasing of trillions of dollars of bad loans with the full understanding that there was a day of rekoning but, since huge incentives were available if he purchased all these loand and cooked the books a little, he opened the flood gates setting the final stage for the collapse we are now experiencing and set about cooking the books.  In return for reaching all incentive milestones, Raines pocketed $90 million in bonuses.

He has since been sued by The Office of Federal Housing Enterprise Oversight in an attempt to force him to return the money he allegedly stole from Fannae Mae for himself and some of the other top executives at Fannae Mae as a result of bonuses earned by cooking the books.  This is the man Barack Obama has appointed as his chief economic advisor.  This may be why, in his short tenure as a US Senator, only Chris Dodd and Barney Frank have received more in campaign contributions than Barack Obama.

How Barack Obama can try to lay this economic meltdown at the feet of the Bush Administration is not only rediculous, it’s down right disgraceful and shameless.   Barack Obama doesn’t represent even the tiniest portion of the solution.  Since the early 1990′s he’s been a very material part of the problem.  One could justifiably consider him one of the co-conspirators and architects of the economic crisis.

Here is a link to a New York Post article expanding on the topic.

These two videos also expand on Obama’s active participation in this financial disaster.

YouTube Preview Image

YouTube Preview Image

What ever else can be said, one thing is true.  Throughout his political life Barack Obama has affiliated himself with the most corrupt and disingenuous political machine in America today.  From voter fraud to extorting banks to make loans to people who can’t afford them and setting off the worst financial crisis since the depression, Obama has been a willing and knowledgeable participant.  He neither understands nor cares about the middle class.  His close ties to William Ayres, his recruiting Franklin Raines, the massive contributions to his campaign from Fanny Mae and Freddie Mac and the untold millions of dollars which have been secretely funneled into his campaign disguised as small donations from middle America clearly paint a picture of a thoroughly corrupt and out of touch politician who will say anything to get elected but who will clearly favor his cronies at the expense of regular Americans once elected.

He’s not one of us, he never has been and he never will be.  This faux Messiah even declares from his political pulpit that we all are and must be our brother’s keeper, yet his real brother, his own flesh and blood, struggles to get by on $300 a year in Kenya while Barack and Michelle make millions, giving practically nothing to charity and totally ignoring his words by giving his brother exactly nothing.

America deserves better than that,  America is in very grave danger should Barack Obama be elected.

1.) Barack Obama is a Racist – This is probably the most obvious yet the most unspoken truth of all and the single biggest reason we must not elect Barack Obama.  Consider this. In this campaign, aside from possibly Bill Clinton, only one person has consistently and proactively brought race into the discussion and that’s Barack Obama.

We are reminded of his campaign speech where he said, “The choice is clear. Most of all we can choose between hope and fear. It is going to be very difficult for Republicans to run on their stewardship of the economy or their outstanding foreign policy. We know what kind of campaign they’re going to run. They’re going to try to make you afraid. They’re going to try to make you afraid of me. He’s young and inexperienced and he’s got a funny name. And did I mention he’s black?”

Well, the Republican’s never did but Barack Obama sure did. That’s because he’s a racist.

And what about the now famous Dollar bill comment where Obama said that the Republicans would try to scare voters by suggesting that he “doesn’t look like all those other presidents on the dollar bills”?    At first he tried to deny it was racist but later, this from ABC; “Sen. Barack Obama’s chief strategist conceded that the Democratic presidential candidate was referring to his race when he said Republicans were trying to scare voters by suggesting Obama “doesn’t look like all those other presidents on the dollar bills.”

Make no mistake about it, Barack Obama is a racist to the very core of who he is.  His books reflect his racism as does the fact that he spent 20 years in the pews of one of the most racist churches in America.  It would be tantamount to John McCain attending a white separatist church for 20 years, something he would never do and something that would be political suicide.

According to James Cone, founder of Black Liberations Theology, the core teachings of Reverend Wright and Trinity United Church, “Whether the American system is beyond redemption we will have to wait and see. But we can be certain that black patience has run out, and unless white America responds positively to the theory and activity of Black Power, then a bloody, protracted civil war is inevitable.” [Black Theology and Black Power, Page 143]“

“Black Power seeks not understanding but conflict; addresses blacks and not whites; seeks to develop black support, but not white good will.” [Black Theology and Black Power, Page 16]

This is the theology of Barack Obama.  This is why Barack Obama has consistently brought race into the Presidential Campaign.  The truth is American is ready to elect an African American as President.  The problem is,  America needs to realize that we’re not ready to elect a radical, corrupt and, most of all, racist African American as President.

YouTube Preview Image

YouTube Preview Image

The main stream media has become so corrupt and has so completely lost its objectivity that it helped Obama defeat Senator Hillary Clinton and now it’s doing everything in its power to make sure the truth about Barack Obama is kept from the masses.  There are less than 30 days left to wake up America to the truth about Barack Obama.  I need your help.  Please forward this blog to as many people as you can.  Encourage them to do the same.  Obama isn’t just wrong for America, he isn’t just unqualified to be President.  Barack Obama represents a threat to our economy, our national security and the American dream.  He must be stopped.  It’s up to us to do it.


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